Caldwell merges responsibilities as Gen. Counsel, Compliance Services Dir.

June 2011

After eight years with NASBA as General Counsel and overseeing the Business Development department, Maria Caldwell became the Director of Compliance Services in February.

"The move came as the business development and compliance departments found themselves with an increasing amount of shared responsibilities," Caldwell says, noting that she was increasingly dividing her time between the various aspects of the two.

“I was working on different areas such as new processes, technologies and business services for the business development department, and then found myself working with compliance services on similar things: building their online applications, automating the Registry process and creating the new Learning Market website.”

Eventually, the decision was made to merge the two departments into one unit.

“It really is a perfect marriage,” Caldwell says. “It’s an exciting time to be part of the Compliance Services department, because we’ve rolled out a new automated process that streamlines both applications and renewals. The new desk-audit process and the changes in CPE Standards mean that we have a lot going on, but it’s also the perfect time to create this new department to take advantage of all the momentum.”

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