Speakers Inform, Entertain Attendees

June 2011

Keynote speaker Clark Quinn spoke on technology trends and their learning implications, which Luttrull says was “very beneficial to our sponsors who are dealing with all the innovations in technology out there, and trying to incorporate it into their learning environment. He also offered a post-conference workshop, which many people stayed to attend.”

David Williams, an IRS director, addressed the new federal return-preparer program that’s coming out and how it will affect the CPA community; Bill Sheridan of the Maryland Association of CPAs discussed virtual training and the use of avatars in learning; and Tom Hood, the Maryland Association of CPAs’ CEO, talked about the use of informal and social-learning tools.

The event’s core, however, revolved around the CPE Standards, and the changes under consideration. These are jointly issued by the AICPA and NASBA, and are what program sponsors have to meet in order to gain membership to the National Registry. "And even though some states don’t require a sponsor to be NASBA-approved, they do incorporate the Standards into their own rules and regulations," Luttrull says, "making the information vital to sponsors regardless of their locale."

“The conference gave us the opportunity to give program sponsors a working draft of recommended revisions to the Standards  by the CPE Task Force that was created by NASBA leadership,” Luttrull explains. “The Task Force is composed of 13 people from all facets of the CPE community: program sponsors, state board members, state society members, educators and NASBA board members.”

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