National Registry Initial Application Process


Membership on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors is granted through the approval of an initial application.  You may request an initial application through the completion of an interest form.  The interest form is located on the “How to Apply to the Registry” page of this website.

Upon submission of an interest form and favorable response to the eligibility requirement question, you will be sent an email with instructions and a link to the online initial application.  The email is sent to the contact person listed on the interest form.  The email comes from a email extension address ( with the subject line “National Registry of CPE Sponsors Application.”  This email is typically sent within 24 to 48 hours of submission of the interest form.  If you met the eligibility requirement and have not received the email with the link to the online initial application, please contact Jessica Luttrull, Manager-National Registry, at

Before proceeding with the online initial application, we ask that you make yourself familiar with the Statement on Standards for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Programs (revised January 2012).  These are the Standards by which your application will be measured.

You may apply for multiple instructional delivery methods (group live; group internet based; and QAS self study) with one application.  You will be requested to submit certain documentation and program materials for one program of each instructional delivery method for which you are applying.  All of the requested documentation for the application should relate to the submitted program.   For example, if the submitted course is titled, “Accounting ABCs,” then all submitted materials—program materials, promotional materials, certificate of completion, evaluation form, etc.—should be for the “Accounting ABCs” program.

If you are applying for the group internet based instructional delivery method, please note that NASBA will need to observe or participate in a program offering.  If a program is not currently being presented for other participants, then NASBA will need to observe a demonstration. 

If you are applying for the QAS self study instructional delivery method, please note that we will review the program for content and technical accuracy.  NASBA will need the course login and password for an online program. To complete the review process, we may need to access the program and final exam multiple times.  If your operating platform does not allow a participant to access the course after completing the final examination, please provide more than one login and password.

If you are still in the process of developing your program (group internet based or self study), we strongly recommend that you complete the development of the program prior to submission of the application.

Application Submission

Once an initial application has been sent, the National Registry team member assigned to your organization will follow up with the contact person designated by your organization at least twice to determine the status of the application. If, after 3 months, there is no indication that the application is in process and there is no response from the contact person to inquiries from the National Registry account administrator, then the application will be withdrawn.

Upon submission of a completed initial application AND the appropriate initial application fees, the National Registry account administrator will begin the application review process.  Applications are reviewed in the order in which they are received.  Our intention is to begin the application review process as soon as possible, with the intention of providing feedback to you within 6 weeks.


Successful completion of the administrative and content reviews results in approval for membership on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors.  You will receive an email with your approval notice.  The email will come from a email extension address ( with the subject line “National Registry of CPE Sponsors – Application Status – Approved.”   The approval notice contains your unique 6-digit sponsor identification number, approved delivery method, program offering level and renewal date (which is one year from the first of the month of the initial approval date).

Additionally, you will receive a separate email from a email extension address ( with the subject line “National Registry of CPE Sponsors – Learning Market Account Info.”  As a benefit of membership on the National Registry, you receive a company listing on NASBA’s Learning Market website, which includes a company profile page and unlimited course listing for promoting your educational programs to the public.  The email will contain instructions and your personal login information.