Learning Market site highlights new standards, expands existing features

September 2011

The Learning Market website continues to add new features in response to changes in both the accounting and continuing-education arenas.

In August NASBA added a section to LearningMarket.org that provides the most up-to-date information on the Standards-updating process. This new section contains links to important information including the exposure draft of the revised Standards recently released for public commentary. In addition, this comprehensive overview describes the review process to date, and what the next steps will be as the Standards move towards finalization and implementation.

A section has also been added to the Learning Market website to detail the impact of the revisions to the Standards on the administration of the National Registry and QAS programs. This overview provides the anticipated changes to the respective programs as well as the next steps if the revised Standards are approved in accordance with the proposed schedule and become effective January 1, 2012. Updates to this information will be made on a periodic basis until the revised Standards are approved.

Annual Renewal Process
Another new section at learningmarket.org describes the annual renewal process for providers, including a detailed explanation on how the new audit process works. It's designed not only to make the process easier to understand, but also enhance the interface between NASBA, providers and CPAs.

CPE Rule Changes
We have also enhanced the Learning Market section detailing CPE rule changes to provide that information by state. "While the site has always had the changes, they've been presented in a summary form that required too much searching to drill down to state-specific data," said Rebecca Rodriguez, Manager, Compliance Services.

"Now we have a summary of each state's CPE requirements, as well as a page that previews changes that may not be in effect yet, but are coming," Rodriguez says. "This will allow anyone to get not only current information for each state easily, but also to look ahead and prepare for new rules that are in the process of being implemented."

Lastly, we are celebrating the launch of the new, improved NASBA.org by adding an RSS feed to the blog portion of that website on the Learning Market homepage.

"It's really a mini-blog for us, in that we want to pull in good commentary about things that we think are relevant to the Learning Market community," Rodriguez says. "We want to make sure that we are providing timely, topical information for our readers on subjects of interest as well as the information and expertise they need to succeed in the CPE arena."

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