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February 2011

With the launch of a new Web site and the launch of a new online application system, it may be a little tricky to find certain pieces of information. The CPE team frequently receives the same questions on how to find useful information. Based on those questions, we’ve provided some guidance on making payments and where to find specific applications.

Q: Where can I get an invoice?

A: Many companies require an invoice to pay for their applications to NASBA.  Since NASBA has moved to an online application, we have also moved to an online invoicing system.  You might be asking "how do I get an invoice?"  A sponsor can contact anyone in the CPE department by phone or email and provide the following information:

  • Sponsor name and identification number
  • Reason for the invoice request
  • Invoice contact person and email address

Once any member on the CPE team has the proper information, we will send out an invoice that will direct you to pay online via PayPal.  

Q: Can I pay without creating a PayPal account?

A: Yes.  After completing the application, simply look for the link that says "pay without a PayPal account." Once you click on that link, all you need to do is provide the information that is being requested.  The same goes for an invoice: on the left side of the screen, you will see "don't have a PayPal account?"  Click “Continue” under that section and you will be taken to a page to make payment without having to create an account.  Sponsors are encouraged to take advantage of this secure and faster method of processing payments.

Q: When do I receive my renewal form?

A: The main contact will receive a link to the renewal form 30 days prior to the renewal date. It’s important to keep the email address as current as possible to ensure that you receive the email link.

Q: What do I submit with the renewal form?

A: The online renewal is a simple process. You answer a series of yes/no questions about your organization’s compliance with the Standards. You then pay online with several options. You do not have to submit any documents with the renewal form. However, be sure that you do maintain supporting documentation in the event that you appear in a random sponsor audit.

Q: Where can I find the Additional Delivery Method (ADM) Application?

A: If you would like to add an Additional Delivery Method (ADM) to your sponsorship, you must first complete and Additional Delivery Method (ADM) application. This can be found on our new website www.learningmarket.org. Simply choose the “National Registry” heading followed by “Registry Forms and Applications.” Under “Membership Update Forms” is the “Additional Delivery Method (ADM) Application Interest Form.” Submit your information and your Registry account manager will send the Additional Delivery Method (ADM) Application to you via e-mail.


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