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December 2011

When the popularity of Twitter and Facebook took off a few years ago as a medium for businesses, NASBA was an early adopter. And from the very beginning, CPA Exam candidates found our Facebook page to be a good way to ask about score-release dates as well as interact with their fellow exam-takers. They felt equally as strong about the Twitter channel.

NASBA recognized that there was a significant need for additional information about scores and an opportunity to engage this audience beyond the exam-taking window. As a result, NASBA became more active in social media, meeting its key audiences where they were already communicating: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

In addition to the more candidate-oriented outlets, a new Facebook page and Twitter handle were created to serve accounting professionals who were already fully certified and working in the field. To further complement that latter audience, a LinkedIn group was created. At the same time, a second LinkedIn group was created for Learning Providers, so that NASBA could interact more fully with its Registry members and the continuing-education community at large. These new social media outlets have proven very popular and are driving increased traffic to both the NASBA and Learning Market websites.

Social media provides an unprecedented opportunity to market your services. Having a website is all well and good, but if it’s not getting any traffic, then it’s not going to help your business. With social-media channels, you can build a new, supplemental way to engage with your audience and drive traffic to your website. You can promote new programs as well as your existing catalog to a broader audience, not to mention capitalize on events such as the IRS’ new tax-preparer education requirements that will be driving hundreds of thousands of people to find continuing education courses.

It’s also key, however, to do some good, old-fashioned networking in the online world. One way NASBA does that through its social-media channels is with its LinkedIn forums. Registry members, and other continuing education providers who have joined, participate in our discussions on current issues, but they also post their own thoughts on topics of interest. More to the point, all group members see, and are seen, by their peers in the industry. It’s an incredibly easy way to keep your finger on the pulse of the education community, and it’s free!
If you’re not yet a member of NASBA’s LinkedIn forum for Learning Providers, we invite you to sign up. Click here to get started.

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