Don't Forget Your Payment!

December 2011

Often members of the National Registry of CPE Sponsors submit their renewal form in plenty of time before their renewal date, but then are surprised to find that they are out of compliance. Why? The most common reason is failure to submit payment of the renewal fee prior to the renewal date.

In order for a renewal application to be fully processed and approved, Registry members must submit the online renewal form every year by the first of the month of their initial approval date. The designated main contact for the organization will receive an email with instructions, and the link to the online renewal form, 30 days prior to that renewal date. The email comes from a email extension address ( with the subject line "National Registry Annual Renewal Application."

After completing the online renewal form, be sure to send in your payment as well. If you know that your organization requires internal paperwork to get a check issued, be sure to build that time into your renewal process so that you don't fall out of compliance. Failure to submit the renewal form and fee by the renewal date will trigger the assessment of a late fee penalty of 50 percent of the annual renewal fee, which will be billed separately.

We are confident that with continued efforts to communicate the need for timely filing and payment and the addition of a new automated email process for quickly and easily updating main and supervisory contact information, sponsors will avoid late fees and the consequences of failing to timely complete the renewal process.

NASBA wants to ensure that all Registry members remain compliant and current, so if you have questions about your renewal application and fees, please get in touch with your designated contact in our offices, and he or she will be happy to help you.

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