New Guidelines for Using the Registry Logo and Registry Statement

March 2012

Until recently, NASBA has had strict guidelines regarding use of the Registry logo in outside materials, primarily that it had to be accompanied by the Registry statement. But with the continued rise in Internet marketing, that requirement has become unwieldy.

“The way people market and advertise their courses has changed quite a bit,” says Jessica Luttrull, CPA, Manager of the National Registry. “Many sponsors want to market their courses on their website, as well as advertise some of the accolades they have received. In doing so, they want to use the Registry and QAS logos, and until now our guidelines have prohibited the use of a free-standing logo,  and required that it must be connected to the Registry statement.”

From now on, Registry sponsors who wish to use the logos in their online marketing may do so, provided that a user who clicks on the logo is taken to a site, or a pop-up window, that displays the Registry statement. Those who use the logos in print material must continue to attach the Registry statement as before.

In addition to the free-standing logo option, we are also providing additional logo variations with transparent backgrounds to assist sponsors in improving the attractiveness of marketing and promotional materials.  If you are interested in the logo variations with transparent backgrounds, please contact your account administrator or email us at

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