Best Practices Section Debuts on Learning Market

October 2012

During the 2011 review and revision process that lead to the implementation of the revised Statement on Standards for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Programs (2012) (Standards), the NASBA CPE Task Force discussed ways to provide CPE sponsors supplemental information to assist in the development of CPE programs.  As a result, a Best Practices section of our website has been developed. 

“There is a section for Group Live, as well as one for Group Internet Based, Self Study and Independent Study,” Luttrull explains. “And then those four delivery methods are further broken down into the components of the Standards, which are Program Development, Program Presentation, Measurement and Reporting.”

As readers drill down into each section, they’ll find information that will help them with ideas for their operations. For example, one segment focuses on best practices for connecting learning objectives to learning activities. There will be narrative content exploring each topic, as well as tools and templates whenever possible so that users can get as much information as possible.

“We will be providing templates that have been submitted related to these various topics and areas, so the Registry members themselves can have a lot of input,” Luttrull says.

The Best Practices page also will have a resources section, with articles, links to other websites and more.

“We are encouraging our sponsors to share their best practices with NASBA,” Luttrull says. “If they are doing something in a great, thoughtful and meaningful way, we want them to submit that information to us so we can share it. We’re encouraging people to send us templates, resources and narrative descriptions on the various components so that we can add that information to the site.”

It’s important that Registry members know that the Best Practices section does not represent “interpretations” of the Standards.  The contents of the Best Practices section are not enforceable or required.

“We’re constantly changing and growing, and so it’s important to make sure our site is as well,” Luttrull says. “The Best Practices area is truly intended to be for sharing great ways to do things. It’s not about putting forth requirements and is definitely not something that we’re using to enforce the Standards. This entire project was born out of the idea that we want to foster an environment of knowledge sharing and learning.”

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