New QAS Self Study Designation – ACT NOW!

April 2013

The Statement on Standards for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Programs (Standards), revised January 2012, raised the standards for all self study providers and eliminated the differences that previously existed between the QAS and Registry self study requirements. Accordingly, NASBA initiated changes to the administration of these programs to offer one designation for self study programs -- QAS Self Study. If you are a current QAS or Registry self study sponsor, there is a transition process to the QAS Self Study designation to ensure that the revised Standards have been implemented with respect to all of your self study program offerings.

Self study programs already in existence as of December 31, 2011, have until March 1, 2014, to be in compliance with the revised Standards. As such, in order to demonstrate compliance by March 1, 2014, sponsors must apply for the QAS Self Study Designation Transition no later than January 1, 2014.

After March 1, 2014, the ONLY self study designation offered through NASBA and the National Registry of CPE Sponsors is the QAS Self Study designation.  If you have not successfully completed the transition to the QAS Self Study delivery method by March 1, 2014, you will be removed from the self study or QAS-only instructional delivery methods on the Registry and will need to re-apply for the QAS Self Study designation.

The QAS transition review focuses on the self study program materials (and not the administrative items such as the certificate of completion and evaluation forms).  We are finding that most deficiencies do not relate to the new or revised items in the (2012) Standards but are findings that would not have been compliant under the previous (2002) Standards.

Because successful completion of the transition provides QAS approval and there remain 6 boards of accountancy that require self study CPE to be earned from providers with QAS approval, if there are any deficient items noted in the review, the application will be denied.  You may re-apply for the transition at any time subsequent to a denied review.  When you re-apply for the QAS transition, different program(s) will be selected for review.

In the January 2013 CPE Monitor newsletter, we provided an article on the "Top 10 Most Common Deficiencies in the QAS Transition Application Reviews" to assist you in preparing for the QAS transition review.

Should you have any questions about the QAS transition process, please contact Jessica Luttrull, National Registry Manager, at or 615-880-4245.

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