Breakout Sessions to Compliment 2013 National Registry Summit

April 2013

In addition to a full list of keynote speakers, industry leaders and forward thinkers from the worlds of learning and course design, the agenda for the 2013 National Registry Summit will boast several breakout sessions, which were hugely popular at past CPE meetings.

The breakout sessions will be moderated by members of the NASBA Working Group; essentially the NASBA CPE Task Force that worked on the revisions to the Statement on Standards for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Programs (Standards). It is a group of 13 people from many different facets of the CPE community, including Registry sponsors, state board members, state societies, the AICPA, instructional design experts and higher education institutions.

Jessica Luttrull, NASBA’s National Registry Manager, said the breakout sessions are popular because they allow discussion and sharing of knowledge and ideas. She also said she hopes the breakout sessions at the 2013 Summit encourage the type of participation and engagement seen in past meetings.

“Sponsors appreciate the opportunity to share and network with colleagues,” said Luttrull. “The last breakout session was during the time when the Standards were being revised. Sponsors appreciated the opportunity to provide input and feedback.”

The Working Group will generate some topics for discussion to kickstart the group, but as Luttrull said, the breakout sessions are the perfect opportunity for Summit attendees to bring their own topics and questions for discussion. Sponsors have already shared some places where they believe the 2012 Standards might require further clarification, and these items will be on the list for potential discussion among the group.

The 2013 National Registry Summit will be held September 9th – 10th at the Hotel Sorella in Houston, TX. Registration will begin Monday afternoon, September 9th, and the meeting will kick off Tuesday morning, September 10th. Look for more information about the Summit in the coming months.

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