2013 National Registry Summit - Keynote Speaker

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Paul McGinniss, NeuroLeadership Group

Paul McGuiness

We are excited to feature Paul McGinniss, Director, Training and Delivery - North America for the NeuroLeadership Group, as a keynote speaker for the 2013 National Registry Summit.  His presentation will focus on “The Neuroscience of Learning: New Insights for Delivering High Impact Learning.”

Paul will share the fundamental brain functions and limitations; discuss how they impact learning; and identify how to work with the brain to maximize your learning experiences.

This will not be your typical stand and deliver keynote address…..this will be an interactive session that will ask you to work with the concepts as a learning professional to create your own brain-based learning experiences.  Paul will share some neuroscience (one nugget at a time), have you discuss it with other attendees and then ask the group to share their best thinking.

Come prepared to have some of your current practices validated or challenged!

The NeuroLeadership Group is a global organization, servicing multinational and government clients in every corner of the world.  The organization is led by Dr. David Rock.  Dr. Rock began researching and developing human performance frameworks in 1996.  He coined the term NeuroLeadership in 2006 and in 2007 co-founded the NeuroLeadership Institute, now an independent global research organization. The NeuroLeadership Group brings hard science to the art of human performance development and leadership through enhancing thinking, improving conversations and transforming organization culture.

Brian Remer, The Firefly Group

Brian RemerWe are pleased to feature Brian Remer, Creative Learning Director of The Firefly Group, as a keynote speaker for the 2013 National Registry Summit.  His presentation will focus on “Why Very Short Stories Rock.”

Stories are one of today’s cutting-edge tools for training.  Applications abound for on-line or face-to-face training, mentoring and coaching, or games and simulations.  They help learners make linkages between important learning points and improved performance on the job.  In this action-focused session you will sample activities that use very short stories for learning, discover what makes an effective short story, modify a story activity for your own use, and discover why short stories rock!

From the keynote presentation, participants will assess interactive training strategies that use very short stories; analyze why using fewer words can be more effective for teaching; and adapt a short story idea or learning activity to drive performance in their own work setting.

Brian Remer is a designer of interactive strategies for training, facilitation, and performance improvement.  He has worked with businesses and organizations in Egypt, Africa, Ecuador, and throughout the United States.  He is a regular conference presenter for the Training Magazine conferences, the International Society for Performance Improvement, and the North American Simulation and Gaming Association of which he is a past president and conference organizer.  For more than 15 years, Brian has been writing short stories and using them to facilitate workshops for groups of all sizes.  He is noted for his ability to create a low-pressure, high-impact learning environment.