Meet the 2013 National Registry Summit Keynote Speakers

July 2013

Last year’s National Registry Summit in Nashville, TN, featured two dynamic keynote speakers who informed and entertained conference attendees with great presentations about how organizations and employees shift their learning and training styles as emerging technologies enable more On-Demand, Live and Targeted Content, and the differences between the various generations that comprise today's workforce.

To continue the tradition of delivering thought-provoking and enlightening presentations, NASBA is pleased to announce Paul McGinniss and Brian Remer as the keynote speakers for this year’s National Registry Summit, Sept. 9-10 in Houston, TX.

Paul McGinniss, NeuroLeadership Group

Paul McGuinessPaul McGinniss is the Director, Training and Delivery - North America for the NeuroLeadership Group. His presentation is entitled, “The Neuroscience of Learning: New Insights for Delivering High Impact Learning.”

During his keynote, Paul will discuss the fundamental brain functions and limitations, share how they impact learning and identify how to work with the brain to maximize your learning experiences.

This will not be a typical stand-and-deliver keynote address, but an interactive session that will ask Summit attendees to work with the concepts as a learning professional to create their own brain-based learning experiences. He will share some neuroscience, ask the group to discuss it with other attendees, and then as a group, to share their best thinking.

Paul has over 20 years business experience and a Master of Science in Human Resources Management. He has a background in sales, management, service and learning and development, including working at Newsday, Yellow Book, Time Warner Book Group, and Time Inc.

The NeuroLeadership Group is a global human performance consultancy, drawing from the latest findings in neuroscience to bring hard science to the art of human performance and leadership development. With operations in 39 cities over 24 countries, the Group:

  • Enables individuals to enhance their effectiveness by understanding the brain
  • Helps leaders improve the quality of their conversations
  • Trains and certifies executive and personal coaches
  • Partners with organizations to drive performance

Brian Remer, The Firefly Group

Brian RemerBrian Remer, the Creative Learning Director of The Firefly Group, will be presenting his case for “Why Very Short Stories Rock” at the 2013 Summit.

Stories are one of today’s cutting-edge tools for training. They help learners make linkages between important learning points and improved performance on the job.

During Brian’s keynote presentation, participants will assess interactive training strategies that use very short stories, analyze why using fewer words can be more effective for teaching and adapt a short story idea or learning activity to drive performance in their own work setting.

Brian is a designer of interactive strategies for training, facilitation, and performance improvement. He has worked with businesses and organizations in Egypt, Africa, Ecuador and throughout the United States. He is a regular conference presenter for Training Magazine conferences, the International Society for Performance Improvement and the North American Simulation and Gaming Association, of which he is a past president and conference organizer. For more than 15 years, Brian has been writing short stories and using them to facilitate workshops for groups of all sizes. He is noted for his ability to create a low-pressure, high-impact learning environment.

The Firefly Group is comprised of specialists in the use of interactive learning strategies to help businesses and other organizations achieve their goals. They provide training and facilitation services that are engaging, participatory, result-focused, and fun.

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