2013 National Registry Summit Presentation Breakdown

October 2013

Along with the fascinating, interactive keynote addresses from Paul McGinniss and Brian Remer, the agenda for this year’s National Registry Summit in Houston, TX, was packed full of informative breakouts led by some of the brightest minds in the learning field, as well as presentations delivered by NASBA staff geared toward giving Registry Sponsors tools to assist them in providing quality CPE courses.

Bucky Glover, CPA, was on-hand to discuss NASBA’s CPE Committee, of which he is Chair. He spoke about the purpose of the CPE Committee, the CPE Standards Working Group and updated attendees on current Committee projects. Glover said the Committee is currently focusing on conducting research in order to recommend a national strategy for Boards related to CPE and CPE compliance. He also said the Committee is exploring new instructional delivery methods and manners of learning not currently addressed by the Statement on Standards for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Programs (Standards).

QAS logoFollowing the CPE Committee update, Jessica Luttrull, CPA, NASBA’s National Registry Manager and Miki Klein, one of NASBA’s National Registry Instructional Design Administrators, spoke about the QAS Self Study designation and transition. Even though transition to the new QAS Self Study designation must be achieved by March 1, 2014 for programs in existence as of December 31, 2011, Luttrull said only 16 out of a total 149 sponsors had achieved the designation at the time of the Summit. On the bright side, 48 sponsors have a transition application in process.

Larry Lawler, National Director of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers, said this presentation helped him gain insight as to what NASBA expects from Sponsors to be fully compliant.

“I realized that NASBA is not looking to disqualify sponsors, but is willing to help a Sponsor gain, as well as remain in compliance,” said Lawler.

In her presentation on desk audits, Jeanetta Cothron, NASBA’s Regulatory Compliance Auditor, discussed the purpose of the audits and how they are conducted. She also shared several common audit findings, such as not including learning objectives in participant materials or promotional materials, and having learning objectives that do not clearly articulate the knowledge, skills and abilities to be achieved by the course participant.

In total, there were four breakout sessions that closed out the Summit. Two presenters from the 2012 National Registry Summit, Valerie Wendt of Bisk CPEasy and Terry Heiney of Learning.net, led sessions about self study and instructional design, respectively. Beth Hopkins of PricewaterhouseCoopers moderated a session on group programs, and Brian Remer offered more insight into the power of short stories in the fourth breakout.

Lawler said in addition to the vast amount of information presented during the Summit, he would have enjoyed a full session to explore the tools available on the Learning Market website.

“Although we did get some valuable knowledge about the tools available on the website, it seems there are enough tools to warrant a full session devoted to this,” he said.

If you also have a suggestion on what you’d like to see or do at a future Summit, please share your thoughts and ideas by sending them to Jessica Luttrull at jluttrull@nasba.org, and make sure to complete the survey included in this edition of the CPE Monitor.

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